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September 24, 2018

Welcome to the Canadian Cannabis Dispute Resolution Centre blog. 

This space will be used to provide commentary on all areas where cannabis-related disputes may arise.  


We plan to discuss commercial and contractual disputes that could ensue between, for example, producers and retailers of cannabis, and we will cover the challenges they will both encounter in trying to ensure compliance with applicable government regulations.   


As cannabis legislation at the federal, municipal, and provincial levels are passed, we will aim to analyze where harmony and potential conflict among the different laws exists.


We will observe challenges that could be encountered in the workplace. This includes looking at the accommodations that employers will consider making for cannabis use on company premises.  Plus, how policies regulating the use of cannabis by employees before, during or after work may be viewed as reasonable or unreasonable limits on individuals’ use of cannabis for medical or personal purposes. 


Disputes that individual users face with their consumption of cannabis will also be examined. This may include disagreements over the manner and location where they will be permitted to consume marijuana.  Additionally, we will look at the difficulties users will face when purchasing and cultivating cannabis plants.  

These are just some of the various of cannabis related disputes that we anticipate are going to surface. Check back in with us for our views on the policies or regulations that could give rise to a dispute or the actual occurrences that have resulted in cannabis disputes that will require some form of dispute resolution.

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