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Tailored Practical Solutions for Cannabis Disputes In Canada

Through facilitation, negotiation, mediation, early neutral evaluation, or arbitration, we can craft and implement the right approach that will allow our clients to be comfortable with the process that is agreed upon to move forward with the resolution of their matter.

While the full extent of cannabis related disputes is yet to unfold, we possess the experience and competence to assist with the resolution of disputes in the corporate-commercial cannabis sector and disputes that arise relating to individual users of cannabis.

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Corporate commercial disputes

  • Contractual interpretation and breach of contract
  • Packaging, labelling, advertising, and promotions
  • Producer, wholesaler and retailer difficulties
  • Human rights and accommodation challenges
  • Substance abuse and fit-to-work policy concerns

Condominium Disputes

  • Rules and by-laws challenges
  • Nuisance claims
  • Tension between residents
  • Plant growth and odour problems
  • Smoke-free designations