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The CCDRC Welcomes Treena Reilkoff

April 12, 2021

Treena Reilkoff is Mediator, trainer and facilitator with decades of experience in trauma informed practices. Her professional background is diverse and includes working in the fields of ADR, mental health, social work, behavioural analysis, resiliency, veteran affairs and corrections. Treena has mediated conflicts in educational, healthcare, workplace and unionized environments, with a speciality of creating a common language during conflict when the barriers between clients, workplaces and professionals occurs. Treena's understanding of the complexities that arise with the topics of disabilities, trauma, accommodations, return-to-work, human rights and psychological health and safety in the workplace provide her with insight into resolving conflicts that are diverse, complex and include high risk and safety sensitive environments. Treena has the ability to adapt her style of ADR practice to fit the clients' needs and environmental context. For Treena's complete bio click here.

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